Healthy Living Center

Complete Care for a Healthy Life

Your happiness is our goal!

At Integrum Medical Group we believe that promoting health and preventing disease are key to living a healthy and happy life and part of your Complete Care. That is why we have designed and offer a state-of-the-art wellness program for our qualified members that balances their physical and emotional well-being for better health and life. 

Services offered include:

·      Socialization & Leisure Activities

o   Bingo, card and board games

o   Physical Activity

o   Arts and Crafts

o   Music and Dancing

o   Movies

o   Yoga

o   Reading – Visit the Mind Enrichment Corner, a quiet and comfortable library-style retreat within the center with a large variety of books and magazines. Indulge yourself and keep your mind vibrant and alert.

o   Computers – Check the “Tech Corner” out at the center. Learn computers and software programs, do research on the web to expand your knowledge, catch up with family and friends online to stay socially connected, and play online games created to stimulate and improve memory, cognition, and overall brain health.      

·      Nutrition

o     Adequate nutrition is essential for healthy aging and independent functioning as well as disease prevention and quality of life. Sample healthy snacks and treats along with nutritious meal planning ideas and alternatives for a healthier, longer, and more active life.

·      Preventive Health & Wellness Education

o   Lecture Series

o   Q&A with our doctors and specialists

o   Medication review and patient education

o   Chronic disease management

o   Special events with community guests and experts

To Learn More About the Program:

Visit us at 8756 SW 72nd Street, Miami, FL 33173 

or call 786.598.7004

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